Should I be concerned about lead in my field?

Absolutely not. In April 2008, concerns about lead in synthetic turf arose when elevated levels were found in several New Jersey fields. At the time, the lead chromate that was used to promote colorfastness in synthetic turf was encapsulated to prevent it from being readily absorbed by the body or released into the environment. The issue was resolved, and the safety of synthetic turf was validated on July 30, 2008 when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission staff released the results of its study of lead in synthetic turf, and concluded that “young children are not at risk from exposure to lead in these fields.” Here is their full statement. In over 40 years there has never been an instance of human illness or environmental damage caused by synthetic turf.


Today, synthetic turf is made without lead as a pigment ingredient. This change in the pigment formulations was a voluntary and responsible response by the synthetic turf industry to the CPSC’s request of all industries that lead be removed from all products, if possible.

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