Diamond Blade-80

There are many reasons, why Diamond Blade 80 synthetic grass is loved by homeowners. One of them is safety. If you have children, you want them to stay protected while enjoying benefits of a fresh air and a sun light. No more nasty splinters, or head injuries. Installing Diamond Blade 80 artificial grass significantly improves the safety of your outdoor environment.

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Diamond Blade 80 is one of the most popular in the artificial grass industry for two reasons. First, the diamond shaped edge of the grass leaf makes it look more realistic and gives it a softness to the touch. Second, the durability of Diamond-shaped leaves is significantly higher than its predecessors, flat and triangle blades. Artificial grass leaves manufactured using Diamond-blade technology have the range of qualities valuable for use at commercial and residential landscape projects and playgrounds with medium to high traffic.



  • Color:  emerald green
  • Tatch:  brown and green thatch
  • Pile height:  1 5/8″
  • Turf gauge:  5/8″
  • Face weight:  40 oz.yd2
  • Backing weight:  40 oz.yd2
  • Total weight:  80 oz.yd2
  • Stitch rate:  16/10 cm
  • Stitches/m2:   10080
  • Roll size (feet):   15′ x 100′


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